Common Features of Video Slots


If you’re interested in playing slot machines, there are several types available. You can choose from video slot machines, reel-spinning carousel machines, or paper tickets with barcodes. Activated by a lever or button, slots spin reels and award credits to players based on a paytable. Symbols vary depending on the theme, but classic symbols include fruits, bells, and stylized lucky sevens. Each slot game also has a theme and bonus features aligned with that theme.

Video slot machines

As the name suggests, video slots use a random number generator (RNG) to determine the winning combination. While winning combinations on a slot machine can have many different symbols, the payouts are proportional to how many coins are wagered per payline. This creates opportunities for game designers to devise games with many different paylines and volatile payouts. Listed below are some of the common features of video slots. They include: (a) RNG, bonus features, and customizable game settings.

Carousel slot machines

If you enjoy playing slots, you may have already tried Carousel slot machines. These machines combine a carnival theme with an innovative 720-ways-to-win mechanic. To win a prize, you must match three or more identical symbols to form a winning combination. The reels of this slot machine have eight standard symbols, one wild symbol, and two bonus icons. The standard symbols pay between two and twenty coins, while the bonus wild symbol can award you up to one thousand coins.

Video poker

While you can win money in video poker games, the higher your status, the more likely you are to win. Higher-level players are eligible for comps and additional benefits. For example, you can get comped when you stay in a casino for several nights. Those who have the highest status can also be awarded perks such as free hotel stays. Video poker machines have different payout rates, so it is important to know which machine to choose before starting to play.

Craps machines

There are several different kinds of bets on slot craps machines. The pass line bet is a popular one and requires placement of the player’s chips on the layout. Some bets require placement of the dealer as well. Pass sequences begin with the comeout roll. If the shooter rolls a seven or eleven on the comeout roll, pass bettors win. If the shooter rolls a two, three, or 12 on the comeout roll, the pass bet is lost. The roll of any other number becomes a point and the shooter keeps rolling that number until he rolls a seven or a twelve on the comeout.

Poker machines

If you’ve ever played video poker, you’ve probably noticed that the payback percentage can be low. Video poker machines are different from traditional slot machines in that you must make certain decisions about how to play the hand. In addition to making these decisions, you’ll have to choose which cards to keep. Making the wrong ones will lower your payback percentage. Fortunately, many casinos offer double-point offers, such as during happy hours.

Horse racing machines

Horse racing machines on slot machine look and feel like traditional slots, but with a twist. Instead of spinning reels and waiting for the horse to fall into place, players can see the exact race outcome. The winning combinations on the reels coincide with the wagers made on each race. Some machines feature predetermined bonuses, while others are purely for entertainment. In either case, players will still have the chance to win. Whether they win or lose will depend on how many combinations they hit on the reels.