Is Sports Betting Legal in Your State?


Depending on where you are in the country, you might be able to make legal sports bets. In Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Mississippi, and South Dakota, you can legally place sports bets.

Legalized sports betting in Arizona

Earlier this year, Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation that legalized sports betting in Arizona. This means that betting will now be legal outside tribal gaming. The new legislation also includes online sports betting. This includes desktop and mobile wagering. This means that Arizona is poised to be a major player in the United States.

The new legislation allows a maximum of 20 sports betting retail platforms. These will be licensed by the state’s Department of Gaming. They can then contract with the major online wagering companies.

Legalized sports betting in Colorado

Despite a dry spell in the past few years, legalized sports betting in Colorado is off to a good start. A number of nationally recognized online sportsbooks are expected to enter the Colorado market in the next few years. During the first year of legalized sports betting in Colorado, the number of active sportsbooks nearly doubled.

As the calendar approaches January 1, 2019, regulators are taking stock of how things are going. The Division of Gaming has been engaging industry stakeholders and reviewing best practices from other states.

Legalized sports betting in Delaware

Several states, including the Garden State, have legalized sports betting. One of them, New Jersey, was able to rake in over $300,000 in the first 20 days. In the grand scheme of things, this was no small feat. But where is the real money being made?

Clearly, one of the biggest motivating factors for states to jump on the sports betting bandwagon is tax revenue. Whether that money is being spent on legalized sports betting, table games or both, we’re not quite sure.

Legalized sports betting in Mississippi

During the legislative process, there were several bills aimed at postponing legalized sports betting. While the state hasn’t reached its goal of implementing online betting by 2023, officials are confident that sports betting will make its way to Mississippi casinos before the end of the year.

The US Supreme Court ruled in May that the federal ban on sports betting is unconstitutional. That’s good news for sports fans who want to place a wager on their favorite team. Several states have passed laws allowing sports betting.

Legalized sports betting in South Dakota

Until now, the only legalized sports betting in South Dakota was in tribal casinos. This is not to say that other venues will not allow wagers. In fact, they will. However, the state’s gambling laws have not been updated to allow betting at lottery retailers.

Since the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA), states are free to decide if they want to allow sports betting. South Dakota’s constitution currently prohibits sports betting, but the state’s lawmakers have been trying to change this law since the year following PASPA’s ruling.