Why You Should Avoid Buying a Lottery Ticket


Buying a ticket

Many people enjoy pondering their future wealth, and buying a lottery ticket is one way to visualize that future wealth. However, if you are strapped for cash, you should avoid buying a lottery ticket. Whether you win the jackpot or not, the experience of playing the lottery is a pleasurable one. Moreover, the $2 price for a lottery ticket is a small price to pay for the future wealth you can visualize.

Drawing numbers

There are several reasons to scrutinize drawing numbers in the lottery. The results are usually unpredictable, which makes it important to check the data for serious problems. Math professors have studied lotteries and the lottery software to find out how these numbers are selected. For example, math professor David Austin at Grand Valley State University in Michigan has written about the difficulties associated with random number generators. Some states have even terminated games due to these problems.

Annuity payouts

The advantages of lottery annuity payouts over cash payouts are clear. Lottery annuity payouts provide you with an income stream that will last for at least 30 years, without requiring you to spend it all. While winning the lottery comes with expectations from friends and family, such as the need to share the money immediately, annuity payouts can help you avoid this dilemma. By spreading out the payouts, you can ensure that your money will grow in a tax-efficient manner.


The word “lot” dates back to 1200 BC in Chinese literature. The word translates to share, and was later used to describe a piece of wood with a name engraved on it. These ancient lotteries were popular ways to distribute gifts and money, and were hailed as painless taxes. The English word lottery was eventually derived from the noun, “lotterie,” which means “fate.”